Hi, my name is Chris Booth.

I am a Digital Art and Technology student based in the South West of the UK.

I utilise many different Digital Media Practices within my work to achieve exactly what is required for the project.

My specialist areas:

    Web Design - Visualizations and Mechanics.
    Augmented Reality.
    Flash Development.
    Image Capture and Editing - Still and Moving.
    Java & Processing Development.
    Sound Manipulation and Production.

If you hover over the triangle, on the lefthand side of the screen, you will be given access to the Navigation Tools for my site, as well as links to various forms of Social Media where you can reach me.

I hope you enjoy my work, and please feel free to contact me with any enquiries or critique.

This is a small selection of My Photography Work. I keep a larger portfolio on my DeviantArt Profile.

I have recently been involved with the launch of a new band called Last One Out, from Devon.
My task is to implement them into the public eye via what ever means necessary, be that digital or otherwise. The Identity of the band for now is being kept a secret, which can make promotion incredibly difficult. I have made the a Splash Page here, but wanted a way to get this page out, using traditional methods. I mocked up this Poster Example and set up an Augemted Reality Interface, when it is scanned using the Mobile Device Application Layar, augmented buttons will appear over the poster, and mimic the Splash Page, allowing people to join Social Network profiles that relate to the band.

For more information on Layar, click here.


Web-Face uses php, Actionscript and Javascript to create an online Gallery that can be updated by any visitor with a webcam, and Flash Player. Click the above link and add your photo now.


This was a collaborative project as part of my univserity course. Part of the task required us to build a website, which would house information relating to a story that we had created. The theme of the story was based around Hacking a Government Investigation, so the design had to reflect this. My job within the group was to create the Human/Computer Interface, capture/edit video, and generate content. I also created the Interactive Map. Click the above link to have a look.

As part of a module, we where asked to design a Application, for use with the Semantic Web. I have been a musician now for a number of years, and one thing that I have always wanted, is a search engine where I can type in a certain Musical Term, and it will return a list a recording songs, that include the particular item I am looking for, from time signatures to chord structures.